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Fullersburg Woods Photography

Photography from Fullersburg Woods
by Eric Schwister

Photos from Fullersburg Woods - 1

February 2013 - Skier on bridge.
I liked the look of this place with the different levels of contrasting lines: the curves of the creek, the steady straightness of the bridge, and the chaos of the tree branches above. I also liked the skier's pose, stopping to rest and appreciate the surroundings.

February 2013 - Pair of mallards.
Pairs of mallards are not exactly rare at Fullersburg Woods, but the backlighting and the evaporation give this picture a unique feel.

February 2013 - Raptor.
I am not sure about the species of this bird, but the partial lighting, the blue background, the form of the bird's body position and the contrast with the lines of the branches caught my eye.

April 2013 - Hermit thrush.
April is the perfect month for bird photography because the trees have not fully leaved and the spring migration is in full swing. The lack of leaves allowed me to see this Hermit Thrush, resting serenely among some spiny branches. The endearing "pose" perfectly matches this bird's enchanting song.

April 2013 - Bird with yellow throat.
This Yellow-rumped Warbler is so active I got lucky in finally getting its picture. This migratory bird spends winters in tropical climates but is one of the first back in our area in the spring.

Photos from Fullersburg Woods Narrative
Photos from Fullersburg Woods - 1
>Photos from Fullersburg Woods - 2

Photo credit: Eric Schwister

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