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Fullersburg Woods Photography

Photography from Fullersburg Woods
by Eric Schwister

The photos from Fullersburg Woods 2

April 2013 - Castor canadensis - beaver.
Nature photography has its moments of pure serendipity. On this April day I spent a good 10 minutes standing motionless on one of the bridges, looking up for birds. When I heard a slight ripple in the water I looked down and saw this beaver had emerged, completely unaware of my presence. After about five minutes of sunning himself, he finally took notice, slapped his tail, and shot underwater.

May 2013 - Great Blue Heron.
Herons are big, elegant, shy, have many different shapes and forms depending on body position, and they complement the colors in their environment - they are both a joy and a challenge to photograph. I love coming across them at Fullersburg Woods but 90-percent of the time I don't get even one picture. Standing on one of the bridges I watched this heron for a long time as it took some sun, caught and ate a fish, and strolled across that log.

November 2013 - Graue Mill Dam.
I took this photo from a distance (I was actually under the York Road bridge) in the early evening in November in very low light. With a six-second exposure it captured that flowing look that creates a smooth texture.

November 2013 - Fall colored leaves.
By the time I took this picture in November, the peak of the fall color season was well past. But these leaves still had a nice mix of green and yellow, accented by some good back lighting.

January 2014 - Muskrat close-up.
After parking on the east side of York Road, I walked under the bridge and saw this muskrat eating next to the creek below Graue Mill dam. It was the first time and last time I've seen a muskrat notice my presence and not take off.

Photos from Fullersburg Woods Narrative
Photos from Fullersburg Woods - 1
Photos from Fullersburg Woods - 2

Photo credit: Eric Schwister

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