Exelon and ComEd Volunteers
at Wolf Road Prairie
Friday, April 29, 2011

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Selected official photos taken at Exelon and ComEd workday at Wolf Road Prairie on April 29, 2011
by ComEd photographer, John Schalk.
Photographs are by John Schlak, photographer for ComEd.

Wolf Road Prairie is co-owned by the FPDCC and IDNR. Management and protection of the preserve is overseen by the INPC.

The SCGA has identified ecosystem restoration at Wolf Road Prairie as a priority project in the Greenway. Work conducted by SCGA at Wolf Road Prairie is with the approval and authorization of INPC and landowners.

Interested in volunteering at one of the finest prairie remnants in Cook County, Illinois and beyond? For more information contact:

Steve Byers, INPC at steven.byers@illinois.gov
Maggie Cole, IDNR at Maggie.cole@illinois.gov
John McCabe, FPDCC at john.mccabe@cookcountyil.gov
Jack Pizzo, Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. at jack@pizzo.info
Valerie Spale, SCGA at stpsspale@aol.com

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