Following the Great Depression of 1929, President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) to deal with unemployment issues during one of the most severe economic crises in our nation's history. The purpose of the CCC was to provide jobs and protect the country's natural resources. The CCC, employing 3 million men over a period of a more than a decade, planted trees, developed parks, installed hundreds of miles of trails and constructed roads, bridges, lookout towers and structures like the Fullersburg Woods Visitor Center. The structure was built along the banks of Salt Creek in 1934 by crews using only hand tools and local timber and sandstone and is owned by the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County.

Originally, the structure was used as a shelter and boat house. Renting a canoe and paddling up and down Salt Creek was a favorite pastime for couples and families in those early days. The boat rental business closed many years ago, and today, the site has become a popular destination for school groups on field trips and for outdoor activities, nature tours and conservation education programs, exhibits and events. Flocks of waterfowl can be seen using the area as a flyway during migration season or as habitat during other times of the year.

Photo by Marcia Faye

The Visitor Center is located at 3609 Spring Road in Oak Brook, about a half a mile west of York Road, and is situated within the greater Old Fullersburg Historic District. An estimated 20,000 people visit the area each year to enjoy the scenic open space, trails and historic attractions Old Fullersburg has to offer.

For more information see Forest Preserve District of DuPage County www.dupageforest.com

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