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Old York Tavern

Photo by Dave Waycie

The York Tavern, originally known as "The Farmer's Home," was one of Ben Fuller's several business enterprises in Old Fullersburg. Fuller built the historic structure in 1843 on a parcel of land he owned west of York Road and north of Salt Creek. Fuller used heavy timbers to frame The Farmer's Home. The spaces between the logs were filled with unfired bricks to insulate, strengthen and fireproof the structure. This "fackwerk" style of construction was a traditional European building style dating back centuries to medieval times. But it required the felling of large trees and processing them manually into hand-hewn logs, a tedious and labor intensive process.

Fuller quickly abandoned this cumbersome and time-consuming "fackwerk" construction style when he built his 'balloon frame" house south of the creek in the same year. The Ben Fuller Farmhouse is a classic example of this new architectural technique invented in Chicago to save on lumber and labor costs as the city's population grew. (See the link to the Ben Fuller Farmhouse for more information).

The Farmer's Home was first licensed by DuPage County in 1846 and served as the community grocery store, tavern and popular gathering destination for neighbors looking to socialize and catch up on the news. The York Tavern is believed to be the oldest continuously operating privately owned eating and drinking establishment in DuPage County to this day.

In 2006, The York Tavern was historically rehabilitated and a required new kitchen was added. During the course of restoration, an example of half-timbered beams was preserved behind a framed glass exhibit in the restaurant. This "fachwerk" display is a focal point of The York Tavern today, recalling the days when Ben Fuller set up shop here in the mid-1840's.

The York Tavern is located at 3702 York Road, Oak Brook, Illinois. Telephone: (630) 323-5090
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