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The Graue Mill Dam represents over 150 years of history and rare and scenic beauty in DuPage County. It symbolizes the heritage of Old Fullersburg established in the 1830's.

Today, the Graue Mill Dam is a favorite place for artists, photographers, trail users, paddlers, birders, nature lovers, school groups and families. The site draws 100,000 visitors annually and serves as a tourism destination, educational and recreational site and economic resource.

The Salt Creek watershed runs about 30 miles in length from its headwaters at Busse Woods Forest Preserve to its confluence with the Des Plaines River in Riverside. The Graue Mill Dam area represents a very minute segment of the overall length of the watershed, about l/4 mile or less. The majority of the Creek provides miles upon miles of habitat for fish and insects which do not specifically require habitat immediately above the dam for survival. None of these species are endangered.

Because of the historical and picturesque significance of the Graue Mill Dam and Old Fullersburg, we oppose the proposed alteration or removal of the Graue Mill Dam. We are not convinced that the benefits achieved by slightly improving dissolved oxygen levels in the water immediately above the dam are sufficient to justify the destruction of the visual, aesthetic and historic values of the Graue Mill Dam area, particularly when solutions such as dredging above the dam offer options.

Water quality is important but so is history, scenic beauty and public enjoyment. Leave the Graue Mill Dam alone.

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*these comments were printed on line in the Chicago Tribune and appeared in the LaGrange Area and Hinsdale Doings

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