The Scheutt-Biermann Farmhouse next to the one room schoolhouse
on the grounds of the Elk Grove Park District Museum Campus

Heinrich (Henry) Shuette was a carpenter who arrived in America from Germany at age 21. He married Maria Biermann and moved into a small white frame house on State Road (now Arlington Heights Road) that he built in 1856. The nearest post office at that time was in the village of Pierce located at the corner of what is now Wood Dale Road and Thorndale Avenue. Itasca, two miles south of the Schuette farmstead, was established in 1873 when the Chicago and Pacific Railroad was completed from Chicago to Elgin.

Three generations of Schuettes cultivated their dairy and grain farm on the property. They lived in the farmhouse until 1959 when the land was sold.

The house was donated by the Maioriello family and moved to its present site (owned by the Elk Grove Park District in Elk Grove Village) in 1976. The farmhouse is preserved as a historical reminder of what life was like during the early years of Elk Grove Township. In addition to the Schuette-Biermann Farmhouse, other structures on the site include a reproduction of a 1910 schoolhouse, privy, chicken coop and a circa 1880 barn owned by the E. H. Dieke family.

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