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Winter at Fullersburg
Photos by Eric Schwister

Winter sunrise reflected in Salt Creek

Photography at Fullersburg Woods encourages you to be aware of so many things: light, forms, lines, textures, seasons, movement, growth, change.

Snowfall at Salt Creek Dam. Mallard ducks swim in open water.

The natural world - especially a woods with a creek flowing through it - is not static, it's not posed, it's always changing, from minute to minute and season to season, a life and death and life cycle that is beautiful in itself.

Fisherman braves winter's chill to fish at Salt Creek Dam.

The human element also is important in this place. The four bridges at Fullersburg Woods make for wonderful photography, both as places to stand over the water and as subject of photos themselves. Graue Mill dam itself is the most well known human-made structure in the area. For a photographer, it is a delight. It's full of motion and looks different every single day.

Graue Mill Waterwheel in new-fallen snow.

I can't ever drive down York Road and cross the bridge below the dam without slowing down to gape: how much water is flowing? How much driftwood and detritus are caught up in the dam?

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