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Pump Up the Prairie Workday
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Nature Programs at Wolf Road Prairie - Projects of SCGA
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Nature Program Vignettes at Wolf Road Prairie

Colorful Lichens of Wolf Road Prairie - Rich Hyerczyk -- June 25, 2011
Roosevelt University Students Visit Wolf Road Prairie -- July 26, 2011
Discover the Fascinating World of Insects at Wolf Road Prairie - Dr. John Wagner -- July 30, 2011
A Late Summer Walk at Wolf Road Prairie - Dr. Gerould Wilhelm - August 27,2011
Oaks at Wolf Road Prairie - Phyllis Mertz - October 8, 2011
Getting to Know the Lichens, A Natural History Class - Rich Hyerczyk - November 12, 2011
Winter Survival at Wolf Road Prairie - Yvonne Woulfe - December 3, 2011
Glaciers and Climate Change - Greg Kientop - January 28, 2012
Restoring Wolf Road Prairie - Jack Pizzo - February 25. 2012
Challenges To Amphibian Conservation In Illinois And Abroad - Allison Sacerdote - March 24, 2012
Concordia University Chicago Students Visit Wolf Road Prairie - April 18, 2012
Connecting Worlds - The Story of the Chicago Portage - Mark MacLean and Jeff Carter - April 28, 2012
Spring Bird Walk - Phyllis Mertz - May 19, 2012
Butterflies of the American Prairie - Doug Taron - June 23, 2012
Owls on the Prowl - Melina Peters - July 14, 2012
Dragonflies and Damselflies: Ancient Insects Surviving in our Modern World - Jane and John Balaban - August 11, 2012
Drought and Fall Colors - Yvonne Woulfe - October 21, 2012
The Midwestern Native Garden - Charlotte Adelman and Bernard Schwartz - November 3, 2012
Prehistoric Elephants of DuPage County - Jack MacRae - February 23, 2013
The Importance of Saving Valuable Natural Areas - Bernice Popelka - March 23, 2013
The Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid and Wolf Road Prairie Cathy Pollack - April 20, 2013
Suburban Coyotes Jack MacRae - June 22, 2013
Blanding's Turtle Recovery Program Dan Thompson - March 15, 2014
Restoring Native Ecosystems and Landscaping Sustainability, Jack Pizzo - April 12, 2014
The Plight of the Honeybee, Marge Trocki - June 7, 2014
The Pre-History of Salt Creek in Cook and DuPage Counties of Northeastern Illinois. Brian Bardy - May 17, 2014
Salt Creek Greenway Trail, Jim Rogers, Elmhurst Park District - June 21, 2014
Exploring the World of Bats, Jeff Rapp, July 26, 2014
The Greater Prairie Chicken in Illinois; A Story of Persistence and Rarity, Bob Gillespie, August 16,2014
Plants of Concern: Monitoring Rare Plants in the Diverse Ecosystems of the Chicago Region, Rachel Goad, September 20, 2014
Illinois Peregrines - From Decline to Recovery, Mary Hennen, October 11, 2014
Southern Des Plaines River Preserve - Phase II Woodland Restoration and Oak Regeneration Project - Matthew Ueltzen, November 15, 2014
Spring Migration and Bird Banding, Leslie DeCourcey, March 28, 2015
Restoring Wolf Road Prairie and Hickory Lane Bufferlands,Craig Billington, April 25, 2015
Savanna Spring at Wolf Road Prairie, Greg Jerzyk, May 17, 2015
The Decline of Grassland Birds in the Chicago Region: Can they be saved?, Daniel Suarez, June 27, 2015
Acquatic Adventures at Wolf Road Prairie - Be a Wetland Scientist! Joni Marzalik, July 25, 2015
Prehistoric Elephants of the Chicago Region, Jack MacRae, August 15, 2015

Special Project -- Eliminate Phragmites Campaign, 2011 - 2014

Please consider making a 100% tax exempt donation to help SCGA fund ecosystem restoration at Wolf Road Prairie and Hickory Lane buffer, sponsor nature tours and programs, engage volunteers in restoration workdays and partner with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, the Illinois Nature Preserves Commission and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to preserve and restore the Wolf Road Prairie Nature Preserve area.

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Special Work Days

Exelon ComEd workday at Wolf Road Prairie - April 29, 2011
Official photos from Exelon and ComEd photographer, John Schalk

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SCGA and the Olmsted Society have joined to post information on each other's web sites in the Greenway. SCGA supports the work of the Olmsted Society to sustain the Olmsted 1868 landscape design and vision for Riverside, America's first planned suburb. In 1970, Riverside was named a National Historic Landscape District. To learn more about the Olmsted Society and their mission, projects and events go to

Prairie State Canoeists -- Paddling on Salt Creek
The Salt Creek
Gateway to Discovery A rich and diverse open space corridor featuring natural areas, historic sites, cultural attractions, land and water recreational opportunities, shopping centers, theatre, and gourmet dining located within the highly populated suburbs of western Cook and eastern DuPage Counties
Purpose and Partners What we do Promote the greenway as a destination for nature, history and recreation
Places to Visit More than 50 destinations Historic Landmarks, land and water trails, forest preserves, pre-settlement sites, arts, golf, fine dining, theater, Brookfield Zoo
Gallery Exhibit Space

Artist's Eye Gallery - Wolf Road Prairie Area
Seasons of Fullersburg - Spring, Summer, Fall
     - Winter - Eric Schwister
Seasons of Salt Creek Greenway - Spring, Summer, Fall
     - Winter - Kris DePra
Greenway Trails 30.6 miles of biking

Connecting to 7 trail systems and 178 miles of trails
    2009 Northeastern Illinois Regional Greenways and Trails Plan
    Ice Age Geology on the Trail
    Historic Indians of Illinois
    Oak Brook Archeological Survey
    Walker and Frink Stage Lines 1836
    Historic Fullersburg Cemetery
    Historic Salt Creek
Special Greenway Projects
National Public Lands Day at Wolf Road Prairie, Saturday, September 24, 2016   
For more information download the flyer
Celebrate Earth Day at Wolf Road Prairie and Hickory Lane Bufferlands, April 23, 2016
National Public Lands Work Day at Wolf Road Prairie, September 26, 2015
National Public Lands Work Day at Wolf Road Prairie, September 27, 2014
National Public Lands Work Day at Wolf Road Prairie, September 28, 2013
Pump Up the Prairie Work Day at Wolf Road Prairie, January 12, 2012
National Public Lands Work Day at Wolf Road Prairie, Sept. 2012
Cricket Creek Trail Story by Debbie Dolecki
Winter on the Prairie by Greg Jerzyk
Pump Up the Prairie #6 at Wolf Road Prairie, December 17, 2011
National Public Lands Day and Pump up the Prairie #5, Sept. 24, 2011
Exelon and ComEd Volunteers at Wolf Road Prairie
Pump Up the Prairie #4 at Wolf Road Prairie, March 26, 2011
Pump Up the Prairie #3 at Wolf Road Prairie, Jan.29, 2011
Pump Up the Prairie #2 at Wolf Road Prairie, Nov. 20, 2010
SCGA Celebrates National Public Lands Day at Wolf Road Prairie
Another Restoration Blitz at Wolf Road Prairie
Winter Workdays at Wolf Road Prairie
Bluebird Project at Wolf Road Prairie by John J. Skach
Summer Journey in the West by Eliza Steele 1841
Restoring the Ben Fuller House c. 1840
Riding the Salt Creek Greenway Trail by Marcia Faye
Saving Mayslake, a historic and open space legacy
Restoring Mayslake Hall, Peabody Estate
Bemis Woods and Bob Mann Woods Restoration Initiative
Preserving Bufferland to Protect Wolf Road Prairie
Saving Graue Mill Dam
Photography from Fullerburg Woods by Eric Schwister
Jerry Wilhelm on Soil, Water, Organisms and Love Interview by Monica Buckley
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About Us: The purpose of the Salt Creek Greenway Association is to identify, preserve and promote the natural, historic, cultural and recreational resources of the Salt Creek Greenway, collaborate with partners on watershed sites, features, projects, activities and events and gather and distribute Greenway information as a public service.

We are taking an active support position in two Greenway projects:
  Wolf Road Prairie Nature Preserve, Cook County
  Fullersburg Historic District and restoration of the c.1840 Ben Fuller   Farmhouse, DuPage County

Salt Creek Greenway Association is a member of the Lower Des Plaines Ecosystem Partnership,
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Heron photo by Jack Pizzo, Pizzo & Associates
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